Monday, April 25, 2011

Tulip Wedding Decor

Do you notice that Tulip has blossom recently? A tulip wedding is a wonderful choice for Spring. This tulip wedding theme is a refreshing spring wedding idea that acknowledges the multitude of spring wedding colors and reflects on the joy of two lives beginning a new as one. Here I will show you how to apply this theme into decorations.

Tulips come in a multitude of colors - white, red, pink, yellow, orange - pretty much all colors except a true blue.You can also find ones that are variegated, such as Rembrandt tulips and parrot tulips.

Your Tulip Wedding Flowers:

Your Wedding Cakes:

Your Tulip Wedding Invitations:

Your Tulip Wedding tablescapes:

See how those different color create a different atmosphere in weddings and now you know tulips can be more than your wedding flowers. Hope you like this Tulip Wedding Decor.

Gold Wedding Decor

The upcoming royal wedding is the hottest topic recently, even thought you are not that lucky girl, you can still have a wedding like hers.  Also, if you are obsessed with vintage stuff, you can make yourself a vintage wedding. No matter it's a royal wedding or a vintage wedding, the colour gold is a must-have. Gold wedding is a great choice for you!

It's a good idea to use the gold color to creat a royal atmophere and use some cramy color or light pink to set off. I also suggest to rent a historcial house to hold the ceremony, because those houses are classic and vintage.

Your Gold Wedding Invitations:

Your Gold Wedding Cakes:

Your Gold Wedding Favors:

Your Gold Wedding Tablescapes:

A gold wedding will make you feel like a Princess. Hope you link this Gold Wedding Decor.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lavender Wedding Deocr

Lavender is the ancient herb of love and devotion. What better way to celebrate a wedding? Lavender flowers are timeless, classy and romantic.  Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to find these pretty bouquets and unique lavender favors at your wedding. The lovely scent that fills the air on your special day will have your guests remembering your wedding day fondly for many years to come. Here is how you can have a lavender wedding decor.

Purple and power have always been linked. In ancient Rome, purple dyes made from mollusks were so rare only the very rich could afford them. Today, the lovely hue bedecks bouquets, dresses, decorations, and desserts, but it still maintains an aura of elegance and richness. For a classic look, pair a deep purple with blues and browns; for a modern edge, accent lavender with bright green or yellow. Either way, purple is sure to ignite the passion in you.

 Your lavender wedding invitations:

 Your lavender wedding guest name tags:

Your lavender wedding cup cakes:

Your lavender wedding favors:

Your lavender wedding cakes:

Your lavender wedding tablescapes:

Do you smell the lavender already? Prepared yourself a lavender theme wedding and have a memorable big days. Hope you like this lavender wedding decor. Thanks for reading !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Wedding Decor

Another great idea for spring wedding! Do you feel more alive when you see the tree and grass turing green in spring? So you can bring that spirit to your wedding and creat a sping atmosphere in your big day. Here is how you can apply a green wedding theme into decorations.

There’s something so soothing and tranquil about  green, and you can paired it with soft blue and creamy ivory. Use some leave and grass, or even bamboo to decorate your table and you can feel that the spring is there actually. You can use light green and mint green if you want to add a fresh feeling to your wedding, and you can use a dark green and white colors to make your wedding more mysterious. Also, to add some sunflowers and yellow color would be a good idea!

Your Green Wedding Invitations:

Your Green Wedding Cakes:

Your Wedding Favors:

Your wedding flowers:

Your green wedding tablescapes:

Hope you like this green wedding idea, thanks for watching.