Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chinese Wedding Decor

I know most of my readers are Chinese, so this time I will show you how to decorate a modern Chinese wedding. And Chinese wedding doesn't have to be this ugly like the following picture! 难道中式婚礼就只能这么土吗?!

Your wedding can be amazing as these:

You don't want everything to be red and just use that chinese red as a element for your wedding. Other elements that you can use in your weedind are Chinese character "喜", and Chinese lantern. Try not to use other colors except white in your wedding, you don't want your wedding to be too colourful, especially golden!

Your Chinese Wedding Favor:

Your Chinese Wedding Invitations:

Your Chinese Wedding Cakes:

Your Chinese Wedding Flowers: (Make sure you are wearing a white wedding gown with red flowers)

Your Chinese Wedding Tablescapes:

Hope you like this idea and have a modern but troditional Chinese wedding !
国内的婚礼已经越来越西化,大多数新人都喜欢西式的装饰,但其实中国红的婚礼也可以很时尚, 关键在于颜色搭配和元素的运用。希望你会喜欢这个中国主题的婚礼,感谢阅读!


  1. Hye theresa, nice recommendations and pictures you have. I`m writing about wedding and I introduced your page to my readers, hope you don't mind =)