Friday, March 25, 2011

Cherry blossom Wedding Decor

Here comes the great time for your Cherry blossom wedding, especially in Washington D.C! Cherry blossom is always a hot wedding theme for spring weddings, and the white and pink colour give you the romantic atmosphere. The traditional cherry blossom represents pure love in Japan. So mark down the date of the annual cherry blossom festival in DC, which would be late March to early April, and prepare for your big day!

The best way to accomplish creating a Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme is to include accents that feature these pink or white blooms throughout the wedding from beginning to end.

Your cherry blossom wedding invitations:

Your cherry blossom wedding cookies:

Your cherry blossom wedding candles:

Your cherry blossom wedding guest books:

Your cherry blossom wedding cakes: 

Your cherry blossom wedding flowers:

Your cherry blossom wedding tablescapes:

Hope you will be inspired by this cherry blossom wedding idea. Enjoy the cherry blossom festival in Washington D.C, which would be March 26th- April 10th 2011.

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