Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swan Wedding Decor

A Swan theme wedding? Swan, the most beautiful bird in the world, is the perfect feature for the most beautiful you in your once-a-life-time wedding day!  So let me show you how to create a swan wedding.

Your want your swan wedding to look pure, romantic, and gentle, so use to white and light blue, light green color. The light green color would give life to your wedding.
Your swan wedding cake:

Your swan wedding invitation:

Your swan wedding candle:

Too much swans in your wedding already? Use the other element that best suitable for a swan wedding -- feathers! 
Feather is the best element to decorate the tables.

 Your wedding flower:

Little surprise for your guest: write a few words and their name on it.

Or if you like the movie "Black Swan" and you want to add some mystery to your wedding, you could add some dark purple, red color. Remember, don't make your wedding only black and white.

A swan theme wedding is definitely a good choice for your big day, because the romantic swan and the gentle feathers symbolize your pure love. Enjoy our dream wedding!

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